Home Goods

Living with essential tremor can be overwhelming in and of itself, but stress or anxiety can trigger tremors or make them worse — this is why it’s important to manage stress and anxiety as best as you can. Essential Tremor Products features home good items for sale like weighted blankets and CBD products to provide stress relief and reduce anxiety, which are both known to contribute to the severity of tremors.

We believe that the essential tremor community shouldn’t have to search all over to find what they’re looking for when it comes to home good items that assist with these issues. That’s why Essential Tremor Products has curated a selection of goods that are specifically tailored to the ET community and their personal needs.

When you have a tremor, everything can seem a little overwhelming and take a little extra time and effort. Even being in your own home, which is supposed to be a haven, can seem like another challenge to overcome. Home good items that help ease stress, promote relaxation, and provide calming effects can provide a big payoff for such a small investment.

Items like weighted blankets, which are known to reduce cortisol (the body’s stress hormone) and encourage serotonin (the body’s sleep hormone), can promote stress relief. Additionally, CBD has become wildly popular for its calming effects. You’ll find home good items like these and more to make your home life better and find relief along the way.

If you are a company or brand that creates or sells products that promote stress relief or reduce anxiety, we’d love to hear from you as we are always looking for new partnerships that provide solutions for the essential tremor community. Additionally, if you know of a product that is not featured on our site that has worked for you or a loved one dealing with essential tremor, we’re all ears — feel free to reach out!