Research & Cure

There is currently no cure for essential tremor, but there are ways to manage and treat ET. Before getting treated for ET it is important to get the proper diagnosis, as ET is sometimes confused with other neurological disorders of similar nature (like Parkinson’s Disease) that also cause rhythmic shaking. ET patients should always consult with their doctor before figuring out what the best treatment option is for them and their case.

Treatment Options for Essential Tremor

Essential tremor symptoms can be treated with medication, surgery, natural remedies, and lifestyle modifications. It’s important to note that there is no cure for essential tremor and treatment options are meant to address symptoms that have become frustrating or too difficult to manage.

  • Medication like propranolol and primidone block the stimulating action of neurotransmitters that cause trembling and can thus, calm the tremor. According to John Hopkins Medicine, beta blockers like these are effective in roughly 40-50% of patients and are “less useful in reducing head and voice tremors.” There are also restrictions on who can take these drugs (patients with asthma for example should not) and side effects that doctors can discuss in further detail. Botox injections in the hands have also shown some success in reducing trembling symptoms.
  • Surgery for severe tremors that cannot be controlled by medication may be an option for some patients. One type, called Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS), involves surgically implanting a stimulating device into your brain to control the tremors. Another called Focused Ultrasound Thalamotomy is a noninvasive surgery that uses focused sound waves that travel through the skull and skin. These waves generate heat to destroy brain tissue in a specific area of the thalamus to stop a tremor. A doctor can go over the important details of the procedures and answer any questions.
  • Natural remedies and lifestyle changes such as practicing meditation and avoiding caffeine (caffeine is a stimulant and can increase tremors) have been shown to help reduce or relieve tremors. Stress has also been known to activitate tremors or make them more pronounced. Avoiding alcohol, employing relaxation techniques, and avoiding anxiety-inducing situations can all help keep your tremors under control.


Research For an Essential Tremor Cure

There is no cure for essential tremor and though there seems to be a genetic component to the condition, the cause is predominantly unknown. Because of this, the ET community faces challenges when it comes to finding treatment options specifically catered to their symptoms and condition.

According to the International Essential Tremor Foundation, “James Parkinson first distinguished essential tremor from other tremor disorders (including the disease that carries his namesake) in 1817.” Over two centuries later, there is a lot that the medical community still doesn’t know or understand about essential tremor and its causes, symptoms, and possible treatments. While strides have been made, there is still a long way to go. This is why research and funding for it, is so important.

Each year medical professionals, scientists, and others invested in the search for answers and hopefully, a cure, work to study the aspects of essential tremor with the help of donations, grants, and research funding. That’s why a portion of all of the proceeds from Essential Tremor Products goes towards research to find a cure, or programs to help those that are suffering from ET.

If you or your company or organization would like to contribute to making a difference in the lives of those living with essential tremor, consider helping move the research forward.